paneling rescue

We just finished restoring our fourth wall of (previously painted) wood paneling. People often ask about our process, so this was a good opportunity to share …


guest bath saga

It’s been months (and months) since we finished our guest bath, but we’ve only just mustered the strength to tell you about it –partly ’cause it was so traumatic …


eichlerversary three

Three years ago, we set foot in our Eichler for the first time. We bought on the strength of photos and video, including this one, shot by the listing agent …


cabinet reshuffle

Remember the suspended cabinet (AKA ‘flying coffin’) we removed from our kitchen last year? We’ve always planned to re-use it, and now was the time …


chair corner

We have two great spots for feature chairs in our living area. We filled the first, in our main living room, with our Plycraft. That left this second spot, in our TV room …


rug swap

Remember our TV room? This is where we began our VCT flooring install, last fall. That went well, but the new (very white) flooring made our existing rug look very beige …


minimal halloween

We typically don’t do anything special to our house for Halloween. This year was to be no exception, though we did pop a pumpkin out front. Then we had another idea …


front front door

Not a typo. This is our second front door, supplementing the original, and completing the front fence project we recently shared …


wet weekend

It rained last weekend. But we didn’t complain. When it does rain here, it reminds us of England…and makes us happy we moved to California …


5969 greenridge rd

Just when you thought the Eichler market (like the weather) had gone cold, something special pops up -this gorgeous 1963 atrium model …


2419 brighton wy

Remember the Walnut Creek ‘super-Eichler’ we posted? Well, here’s another. On a quieter street, but needs work. That accounts for the $900K price tag ,,,


8073 hansom dr

Well, this is pretty special. An all-original, 1965 Claude Oakland-designed atrium model, in Oakland’s Sequoyah Hills, with panoramic views of San Francisco bay …


diamond heights

We’re gradually checking-off Eichler neighborhoods –remember our Burlingame visit, before meeting Karen’s folks at SFO? Well, this was the return leg …


burlingame super-eichlers

Whenever we visit San Francisco, we try to check-out a new Eichler neighborhood. Couple weeks back, we picked-up Karen’s parents from SFO, and swung-by Burlingame …


willow glen and beyond

When you buy an Eichler, you join a club. Neighborhoods, models, and prices vary wildly, but we’re all connected by one thing …