We live in South Land Park Hills; a leafy suburb, just south of downtown Sacramento, California. Ours is one of Eichler’s smallest developments, with only 62 homes built, between 1954 and 1956.


Despite significant fanfare, Sacramentans didn’t warm to these progressive, modernist homes. They sold poorly, and less than half of the 143 planned Eichler Homes were built. Boo.


This left many streets (even Eichler Street, ironically) devoid of Eichlers. Happily, most infill homes are suitably modern, including custom designs from notable architects like Carter Sparks, of Streng Brothers fame.


Eichlers that were built include flat-top and pitched-roof models, with 3-4 beds/2 baths, across 1500-1800 SqFt. No atriums, but most have entrance courtyards, and multiple outdoor living areas.




eichler christmas 3

Yep, our third Eichler Christmas. This year, we added to our roofline string, with more lights, atop our cinder-block wall. Still couldn’t get the darn things straight …


6465 fordham wy

I thought we’d go an entire year without an Eichler for sale in our neighborhood (after 3 in 2013 and 5 in 2014). I was wrong. The latest offering is a 1955 Jones & Emmons …


paint it gray

Long before buying our Eichler, we knew its eventual color scheme –mid-gray siding, contrasting beams, lime green door. During our twisty search, we imagined this …


cinder-block rescue

All our neighborhood Eichlers have a cinder-block fireplace. We inherited all our block in good shape, but some neighbors weren’t so lucky …


eichler christmas 2

Today is Boxing Day, a holiday in England, so we’re taking it easy. Perfect opportunity to post this (imaginatively titled) sequel –you may remember last year’s post …


6473 s land park dr

The latest Sacramento Eichler for sale is an interesting one. It’s a 4 bed/2 bath, 1795 square foot, flat-roofed model, with 2-car garage. It was designed by A. Quincy Jones …


6449 s land park dr

Now we’re REALLY getting paranoid –yet more neighbors (and friends) are selling-up and leaving! We’re über sad to see these guys go, but very happy for them, as they begin their next chapter. Anyhow, the house is an absolute peach. It’s a 3 bed/2 bath 1600+ square-foot Eichler Home, built in 1955, as per most of …


good neighbors

We’re regularly amazed by neighborly kindness. From tool-lending to truck pick-ups, lighting donations to dessert deliveries (you know who you are!) people are SO helpful. Just this week, our friends, Michael and Clyde, gave us three sheets of Eichler siding, following some repairs. This is expensive stuff, but they insisted we take it. How generous …


6457 s land park dr

We’re starting to get paranoid –since we arrived, three neighbors have put their homes up for sale. The latest appeared last week, with an open house yesterday. As we’ve come to realize, this is an excuse for nosy neighbors (us included) to congregate. And so they/we did, along with a steady stream of would-be buyers. …


6456 s land park dr

Another Sacramento Eichler is about to hit the market. We’ve known this was coming for a while, as we’re friends with the sellers. It will be very sad to see them go, but they won’t be far away. And hopefully we’ll get some nice new neighbors. This beautifully cared for 1955 Eichler, has 3-beds/2-baths and …


6489 s land park dr

We bought the last Eichler for sale here, but soon we’ll no longer be the neighborhood newbies. 6489 South Land Park Drive is about to hit the market. We already had a sneak preview, at the garage sale I mentioned –an immaculate 2-car garage, by the way. The house is listed as a 5-bed/2 bath …


eichler christmas

With the unseasonably mild weather we’ve had in Sacramento, you almost forget it’s Christmas. Luckily, we get a regular night-time reminder, when our neighbors’ homes come to life. I took a stroll the other evening and snapped a few. The Eichler owners above switched regular bulbs with green and red, to stunning effect. I love …