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  • open-house-part-one-feature

    open house (part one)

    People say you should live with your home a while, before making major changes. Good advice. And advice we’ve taken, having lived here almost two …

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  • master-bed-after

    master recap

    I wanted to revisit our master bedroom, to look back at the progress we’ve made, and share some details we just added. First, a quick …

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  • master-paneling-staining

    master paneling

    We’ve been tackling some master bedroom projects, which I’ll need to spread over a few posts. With no need to insulate, we skipped ahead to …

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  • ready-strip-feature

    ready. set. strip.

    Our paneling quest has resumed, prompted by another delivery. Ready Strip Pro is, apparently, amazing at removing multiple layers of paint. But, despite being described …

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  • the-bookcase-feature

    the bookcase

    The bookcase on the right was added by the original owners, a long time ago. This pic is when we just moved in, as I …

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  • the-office

    the office

    Quick update on our office (technically called the “all-purpose room”). We revisited the wood paneling I told you about, to improve on the finish. We …

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  • almost-stained

    we got wood

    Having eradicated (almost) every trace of orange from our office wall, it’s time for stage two. We did some research and found a product which …

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  • orange-peel

    orange peel

    Remember I told you we repainted our large orange living room wall white? Well, that was only half the story. The orange paint-job extended around …

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