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  • paneling-rescue-paneling-final

    paneling rescue

    We just finished restoring our fourth wall of (previously painted) wood paneling. People often ask about our process, so this was a good opportunity to share …

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  • open-house-part-one-feature

    open house (part one)

    People say you should live with your home a while, before making major changes. Good advice. But that’s about to…er change. And this is where it’s happening …

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  • master-bed-after

    master recap

    I wanted to revisit our master bedroom, to look back at the progress we’ve made, and share some details we just added. First, a quick recap of how we got here. We bought insulation for the external walls, only to discover better stuff already inside. Then we painstakingly restored a wall of paneling behind the …

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  • master-paneling-staining

    master paneling

    We’ve been tackling some master bedroom projects, which I’ll need to spread over a few posts. With no need to insulate, we skipped ahead to restoring (yet more) wood paneling. We actually started this a while back, before we’d painted the ceiling beams gray. We planned to restore this wall from the start. It faces …

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  • ready-strip-feature

    ready. set. strip.

    Our paneling quest has resumed, prompted by another delivery. Ready Strip Pro is, apparently, amazing at removing multiple layers of paint. But, despite being described as “environmentally friendly” by the manufacturer, it does contain some harmful chemicals. And it’s almost impossible to buy in California. We managed to get some shipped, and promised to be …

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  • the-bookcase-feature

    the bookcase

    The bookcase on the right was added by the original owners, a long time ago. This pic is when we just moved in, as I didn’t take a ‘before’ shot for this post. Anyway, while useful, it interrupts the flow, conflicts with the design, and narrows the space by our entrance. It had to go. …

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  • the-office

    the office

    Quick update on our office (technically called the “all-purpose room”). We revisited the wood paneling I told you about, to improve on the finish. We used more Citristrip to clear any paint remnants, cleaned with mineral spirits, then applied another coat of Restor-A-Finish. The results were worth the effort, though it’s difficult to do it justice …

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  • almost-stained

    we got wood

    Having eradicated (almost) every trace of orange from our office wall, it’s time for stage two. We did some research and found a product which we hoped would remove the final layer of primer, and help us expose the original wood paneling. Karen isn’t just modeling the Citristrip (and the over-sized gloves I mistakenly bought her) …

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  • orange-peel

    orange peel

    Remember I told you we repainted our large orange living room wall white? Well, that was only half the story. The orange paint-job extended around the corner, into our all-purpose room/office, so we tackled that too. Actually, I had the pleasure of doing this bit. And I quickly discovered some differences with this section of …

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