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  • redwood replacement

    Just a quick bit of maintenance on the courtyard area, by our entrance. Between each of the poured concrete panels is a thin piece of redwood. These have been untouched for nearly 60 years, and they’re showing it. Some are completely rotten. So, we decided to replace them with new redwood. This was pretty cheap, …

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  • on the roof

    It’s only rained twice in the (almost) three months we’ve been here, and winter seems miles off. But it’s coming. And there will be rain. So, we decided to check on the roof, for leaf build-up, standing water and downspout clogging. Ours is a foam roof –the accepted #1 choice for Eichler Homes. They’re a …

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  • wires

    We keep noticing random wires all over the place. Not live electricity, just a legacy of lazy wiring for phones, alarm components etc. No doubt typical for a property of this age, but a trend we’d like to end. So, we set about tackling some of them. The white wire above has been nagging at …

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