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  • eichlerversary

    Just over a year ago (August 30, 2013) we arrived at our newly-purchased Eichler in Sacramento, car-less, key-less, and furniture-less. I didn’t take any pics when we got here …

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  • home search

    We’re extremely happy in our Eichler, in Sacramento. But that wasn’t quite the plan. We wanted to buy in Concord, CA, home to about 175 of the Bay Area’s most affordable Eichlers. And this time last year, we traveled there (from Boston) to tour our first Eichler for sale. This was a beautifully preserved Eichler, …

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  • nearly furnished

    Before we took the 3,000 mile trip from Boston to Sacramento, we squeezed the contents of our apartment into two 8 x 7 x 6ft pods (technically, ours were called ReloCubes, but you get what I mean) leaving us without furniture this end for about five days. We had makeshift seating, ordering these Crate & …

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