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  • master plan

    Sorting our guest room created a ripple effect. It gave us somewhere to store our books, meaning we could remove an unsightly built-in bookcase. This led us to restore the living-room paneling. It also gave us somewhere to sleep, allowing us to tackle our master bedroom. This is, naturally, our largest bedroom, at about 16 …

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  • colored cord

    Guess you’d call this a tease. An exciting (for us) delivery the other day –these colored cord samples relate to a series of future projects we’re plotting…or, more accurately, Karen is plotting. We need some wall-mounted lighting in a few areas. If money was no object, we’d buy Nelson sconces –but it is. So we’re …

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  • no more curtains

    We don’t like curtains at the best of times, so we reacted badly to these odd-looking specimens, attached to the beam outside our master bedroom. And when I say outside, I mean outside. Like, outside the house. Bizarre right? They do have a purpose; to block the strong afternoon sun. Actually, it seriously heats up …

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