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  • shelling out

    We have multiple Craigslist alerts, that generate little in the “need” department, but lots in the “didn’t need but do now” department. And sometimes you just can’t say no …

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  • good neighbors

    We’re regularly amazed by neighborly kindness. From tool-lending to truck pick-ups, lighting donations to dessert deliveries (you know who you are!) people are SO helpful. Just this week, our friends, Michael and Clyde, gave us three sheets of Eichler siding, following some repairs. This is expensive stuff, but they insisted we take it. How generous …

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  • last day ray

    Way before moving to Sacramento, we saw The California Museum had a Ray Eames exhibit going on. It ran for a year, six months of which we lived right here. We kept planning to go, but stuff (mostly house stuff) got in the way. Eventually we made it, on the very last day. Ray, a …

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