Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • wires

    We keep noticing random wires all over the place. Not live electricity, just a legacy of lazy wiring for phones, alarm components etc. No doubt typical for a property of this age, but a trend we’d like to end. So, we set about tackling some of them. The white wire above has been nagging at …

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  • tree gone

    We’re settling in well, but we just can’t ignore the large elephant in the room. Or, more accurately, in the front yard. Take a look at this early pic and you’ll see what I mean. Yep, a big ugly tree, slap-bang in the middle of our lawn. I’m sure it wasn’t born ugly. No doubt …

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  • smud building

    Before making the cross-country trip from Boston to Sacramento, we called ahead to setup utilities. With a large debt owing (from former renters) and us not being permanent residents (according to the USCIS) our electricity provider needed to verify our identity, in-person. When you’ve just bought a suburban house in a new city, you have …

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