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  • first floor

    Back in our master bedroom, time to tackle the floor. Neither of us had installed VCT before, but it seemed straightforward…at least on YouTube. First we removed underlay, revealing our concrete slab, in good shape. You can see where 10×10 inch cork tiles were originally placed. Cork was the Eichler-specified flooring, running throughout the house. …

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  • picking flooring

    We plan on replacing our flooring room-by-room, to phase the cost. We’ll be installing Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) throughout. We already have some very beige VCT in our living area, as shown below, behind some new samples we picked out. We rejected many more than these, and eventually settled on the center sample, Soft Warm …

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  • the bookcase

    The bookcase on the right was added by the original owners, a long time ago. This pic is when we just moved in, as I didn’t take a ‘before’ shot for this post. Anyway, while useful, it interrupts the flow, conflicts with the design, and narrows the space by our entrance. It had to go. …

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